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The town of Santa Teresa di Riva (ME), 9137 inhabitants, is situated on the Ionian coast of Sicily, 30 km far from Messina and 15 from Taormina.

Its 8,13 km² territory includes 3,3 km coast, developing itself between the torrents Savoca and Agrò, hills and, in the inland, the offshoots of the Peloritans and the Madonies, where the small villages of Fautarì and Misserio lay.

Santa Teresa is a very important centre in the whole Ionian area: it is the eighth most populated municipality in the whole Messina territory, and is part of the Val d’Agrò Association for touristic promotion, together with the municipalities of Antillo, Casalvecchio Siculo, Forza d'Agrò, Furci Siculo, Limina, Roccafiorita, Sant'Alessio Siculo and Savoca. Among these towns is Santa Teresa the most populated and richest in commercial activities: with more than 300 shops of all kinds, it attracts many people from the surroundings.

The commercial heart of Santa Teresa has historical origins: in the past it has been a very important centre for production and selling of lemons, and it has been hosting for about 150 years now a flea market, which takes place every two weeks and includes some 250 stalls selling all kinds of goods, including typical products of the Val d’Agrò territory: it has a great success among inhabitants and tourists.

Its municipality takes part into the Municipalities Union of the Ionian Peloritan Valleys, and of the touristic district Taormina-Etna. It is also twinned with the French town of Fuveau, and is leader of the project “From traditional tourism to an integrated system”, which involves 22 municipalities and aims at creating a touristic integrated, multi-product and polycentric system in the area. On the whole, the local economy is mainly based upon commerce, tourism and services.